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Organisational Impact – The GC Index Solution

With our GC Index Solution, an organimetric that  empowers organisations to drive performance  and achieve innovation by creating  game-changing teams and cultures.

We have a clear strategy to empower at least 10% of the world’s population to maximise the positive impact they can make in their worlds. Truly Game-Changing.

We, with the use of the GC index measure and describe five proclivities i.e. five different ways in which people are inclined to make an impact and contribution. The GC Index also provides a language and framework for people that is simple, effective and outcome driven.

It is scalable, reliable and adaptable, but most of all it creates a level playing field where everyone can contribute and make a positive impact.

Individuals and organisations benefit from:

The simplicity of the language and framework centred around the five key areas of impact.

The sophistication of 100,000 different GC Index® profile combinations, showing how everyone can contribute,

Promoting a framework that delivers the diversity of impact the modern world of work requires THE GC INDEX® IN PRACTICE.